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Trying to find the best New York architects school in the country? Picking a school can be hard, especially when choosing one for a specific career, so here is something you should think about before you register for a school. Does it suit your needs? If you are slower paced then others, do the professors offer individual help? If you’re a person who learns hands on, does it have hands on training? Even some of the best architecture universities in the country aren’t necessarily the best school for you so be sure to do your research.

Over 100 accredited schools in the U.S. offer architecture degrees, and while choosing the best architecture program for you can seem overwhelming, there are many resources you can refer to. The most comprehensive is the Guide to Architecture Schools, which describes degrees offered, program philosophies, faculty, alumni, teacher-to-student ratio, cost, school population, and university setting for each program.

The best architecture schools are accredited, which is very important because a schools accreditation is very important. If a school is not Accredited their diplomas will not be recognized for the true achievements they are worth. So why waste four years in a school which can be harmful to your educational journey and make it difficult for a you to reach your career goals.

Most employers prefer to hire job applicants who have gained their education from a school or university with the appropriate accreditation status. Many employers also look to see that employees have been educated at an appropriately accredited institution when making decisions about business promotions, company advancements, and whether to provide tuition coverage or assistance for employees who wish or need to further their education. It is well proven that if an employer had to choose between a candidate from an accredited school and one from a normal institution they’d rather pick a candidate from an accredited school. The best architecture universities in the country are all accredited.

There are many career choices you can follow once you have gained a respected course in architecture. The different routes require diverse attributes and following a specific route may mean continuing education or gaining an advanced degree. However, the options available to you once you have obtained a degree increase dramatically. You may choose to follow up your course with an environmental building qualification or one of the many design courses available at many of the best architecture universities.

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