Fake Surveillance Camera – Deters Vandals

A fake driver license surveillance camera looks just like a real camera the only difference is no picture is transmitted or recorded. They create the illusion the property is under surveillance when it is not. When a potential burglar believes they are being captured on video they respond differently. There is something about a surveillance camera that creates a feeling of being watched. Fake cameras are made from housings that would normally contain an optical device and are virtually impossible to detect. A fake surveillance camera is also known as a fake spy or dummy camera.

A Day at the Gym

When I attend my local Gym I am reminded when I enter the building by video surveillance signs that say, “This facility is protected by 24 hour surveillance.” There are two cameras in the entrance way to give validity to the signs. Signs are also placed throughout the gym reminding everyone they are being watched. The signs and cameras create a sense of security and curiosity at the same time. I feel secure knowing all activities are recorded. I also experience a sense of curiosity looking to find where the cameras are located within the gym. When working out I look for other surveillance cameras within the gym but have not been able to locate them. The signs and cameras at the entrance of the gym do there job by creating the thought and the possibility the gym is being monitored. I have not seen them in any other part of the gym, perhaps they are hidden. The sign creates the idea they are located somewhere other than in the entrance. The signs and the cameras could be fake.

When someone is looking for a place to break into and they see a property is monitored it is usually the last one they will consider breaking into. The thought of being watched will deter the vandal. The effectiveness of a fake surveillance camera functions well in any area where there is a possible problem with vandalism.

The alternative to a fake surveillance camera is a real live camera system. The problem that can occur with a fake spy camera is keeping it a secret. The person whom purchases and installs the camera or cameras is aware the cameras are fake or not real. When he or she then notifies their friends and acquaintances of the fake cameras, the fake surveillance cameras have lost their integrity. When a spouse or child are aware of the fake cameras, they also can compromise the situation by making their friends aware of the cameras. The only protection would be from a stranger unaware of the fake surveillance cameras looking for a home or business to break into. A good resource for purchasing a fake camera is through EBAY, Amazon, or a straight out search on the internet. When searching these places use many different word searches. Each word search may bring back different prices.

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