Your Book Signing – Tour How to Host a Successful Event

If you’re a brand new author with your first published un curso de milagros, doing a book signing tour will get your new book started on the right track to success. Even seasoned authors continue to do book signings after they’ve published a new novel or release so their fans can meet them in person and get an autographed copy of their latest book. One of the best ways any new author can get noticed and increase sales is to do a book signing tour and meet potential customers who can turn into avid fans and repeat buyers.

New authors may want to set up their own tour and other times, if a press release was issued, local venues may invite a new author to do a tour on location at a favorite book store or other venue. Whether you’re setting up your own tours or you’re being invited to appear at a local venue, you want to plan your tours effectively to get the most out of them and walk away knowing you had a successful book signing.

Libraries and local book stores are often a favorite. If you’re marketing your books on your own, you can contact your local book stores and ask about having a signing event on location. Many book stores see this as a way to increase their own traffic as well as a goodwill promotion to help a new author get started.

You can coordinate a tour to happen during local events too, for example if your town is celebrating an anniversary or having a large block party sale or event. These types of events are excellent ways to promote your status as an author, especially if you’ve just published a new novel that takes place in your own town.

Another idea is to have your promotion take place around the theme of your new book. For example, if you’ve just published a non-fiction book that has to do with music, contact some local music stores to have a book signing. Just like with any other type of marketing and advertising, you’re probably going to have to invest some of your own money to ensure your event is a success. Some expenses will include…

Book signings are publicity events, designed to introduce you to the public and hopefully help you become a favorite author of your readers so they rush out to buy your next new book. So while you’re waiting for customers to buy your book and wait for an autograph, be personable, smile, talk to the customers who are coming in the store or walking around your table. And one of the best ways to get yourself ready for your own tour is to visit events of other authors. This will give you the insight on what you need to do to make sure you have your own successful book signing.

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