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As I began my home-based زيادة متابعين تيك توك, I wanted to reach out to other businesses to offer them incentive gift options. I had been out around town networking, but still needed to find a way to meet an untapped pool of people online. I felt Facebook was a waste of time initially, because everybody from their dog and cat and baby sister were only chatting about ordinary things. But I invested in writing or posting about positive things for people to offer others – how to appreciate your employees, how to send a kind word of praise, how to give gifts for those who are never happy. People responded to this. In time, those that I met in town were saying “I’ve heard of you!” and then they were open to what I had to offer!

After a year or so, I was being asked how I was able to do what I got on my social media, and how can they do the same thing!? Friends were telling me to go into business teaching and managing business’ social media! So I did. All because of the effect of my using social media for business. I had created an awareness of what I could offer to help their businesses – either with social media or with gift incentives! I am driven to help other small business owners learn how to grow their business and to create positive influences in their communities.

The techniques listed here are of my techniques to handling a direct sales business or any home-based business online. You will still need to remain compliant to corporate branding rules and regulations. Because of those rules and regulations many people feel trapped and not able to use social media. Not true. Being social isn’t regulated! All I do is compliment other’s accomplishments, offer positive words of encouragement, offer money-saving or money-making ideas and tips, but most of all create friends online and offline! I am never far from my computer or smartphone for touching base with my social media friends!

Create community!

Everyone likes to belong! Perhaps you have a group of downline that you need to meet with on a regular basis. But they are too far away to come to a meeting in town. And you know that meeting together is invaluable to their feeling of belonging-ness and feeling of being of value to the team. Why not create a private Facebook group – add each new member to your “tribe”. Share tips and encouragement.

Show and Tell time!

You can also share one product each week. Educate your downline and your social media audience. Tell them about the benefits and how this product is different from the competitors. You can also ask your previous customers to share about your products and how much it has helped them. This can build credibility.

Share success stories.

If you are using twitter, try talking up an event or job well done. Share with your group or with your friends the value of being in a business of your own. Be enthusiastic and excited. People are attracted to success! Share about what you are doing in your own life. Are you attending a special meeting where you get to travel to a great city location? Share what is was like! Did you have a successful day in prospecting potential clients? How did you do that? You have downline eager to learn. Are you seeing how your business is changing people’s lives? Share a story about that. If owning a business of your own has changed your life share how. You are living a dream!

Be Graphically Interesting.

One thing social media really loves is pictures, graphics or images that motivate or encourage. But more importantly, pictures that show you doing your business looking happy and interacting with people can be an excellent way for you to share your business or view products. People will see themselves doing what you are doing. More importantly, using pictures attracts SEO spiders that will grab the images and promote you in the world of social media. This might get you higher in the Google search rankings, and possibly on the first page! And this is exactly what you want to do!


By sharing about yourself and about the people you meet, you are showing to other people that you are human and real. People relate to people who are real or believable. Remember they are seeing if they can fit into YOUR shoes for themselves! People do not do business with a logo or company name. They can’t relate themselves to that. Because of this, it would be important for you to put a close up smiling picture of yourself looking very approachable, as your Facebook profile picture or in any social media profile. Using a cartoon character or a picture of your favorite pet will not draw anyone to you.

Trademarking or Branding Yourself.

On your Facebook business page you will want to identify yourself with the brand company that you represent. You want to leverage their name. Use it! It will give you more credibility. However, using trademarked names are usually heavily regulated, except to say that you are a ” Mary Kay” representative or the local NUTRILITE representative. So what do you say in your ABOUT section of your Facebook page? Brand yourself uniquely as YOU, who acts as a rep from “such and such company”.

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