Who Is the Most Effective Music Teacher

All of us will have acim teacher throughout our lifetimes. From kindergarten onward, teachers are second only to our parents in shaping our lifelong development. Despite their essential role in our lives, it is often difficult to go back through your life history and point to specific teachers who left marks on us. Still, you can occasionally find a specific teacher whom you will never forget, who has made a significant positive influence on your life.

This is the unfortunately tragedy of our school system. All too often, they educate for mediocrity, employing far too many mediocre teachers. (Sorry teachers, it’s often not your fault, so don’t take it too personally).

In the case of music instrument teachers, the situation is different. Instead of being stuck with the teachers assigned by the school system, parents have the opportunity to choose the teachers who will be the best match for their children.

In addition, studying with a music teacher is also different than a classroom setting because most of the sessions are one on one. This individual attention makes choosing the right teacher even more crucial for the students. In addition, music students will often continue studying with the same teacher for years, making selecting the right teacher even more vital.

In this post I will refer to few important points you should consider when choosing a good music teacher.

1. A great performer is not necessary a great teacher.
This is a very easy trap to fall into. You see a great performer, so you assume he must be a great teacher. However, performance abilities do not say anything about pedagogical abilities. All great performance abilities say is that this teacher is an expert in performance. Perhaps he has even gotten excellent students who have really learned their fine skills from other teachers and continued with this master because of his reputation as a performer. Try to interview present and past students of this teacher in order to thoroughly understand his pedagogical skills.

2. Listen to your instincts when choosing a music teacher.
If the personality of the teacher does not seem like a good fit, you are probably right. Working with a musical teacher is a very intensive and intimate experience. If you do not feel comfortable and enthusiastic about working with him, he is probably not the right person for you to work with. Search for a teacher that fits your personality. Hold out for the teacher you and your child feel comfortable with.

3. A great teacher plants seeds of enthusiasm and passion for learning and exploration.
A teacher should have that special personality that will lead you to continue exploring the things you work on together. I intentionally use the word “explore” and not “practice” here. Many teachers unfortunately seek students who will practice a lot. That’s the wrong attitude. Practicing is something you have to do. Exploring is something you want to do. The best teachers will plant the spark of enthusiasm in the students.

4. Do not compromise on an unprofessional teacher.
If you want to learn an instrument well, choosing an educated, experienced teacher is crucial. Injuries from playing an instrument incorrectly are unfortunately both common and potentially irreversible. Do not risk your health or your musical future to save a few dollars with an inexperienced, unprofessional teacher.

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