The Marble Mall, for Shopping in Bangkok

The MBK mall or Mahboonkrong Spectrum Mall Noida has become synonymous with shopping in Bangkok. Ask any Thai what is the best mall to visit in Bangkok? And they will no doubt answer MBK mall. When the mall was built in 1985 it was one of the largest shopping centers in Asia. The sheer size of the mall means that it has lots of shopping outlets which appeals to different segments of the population.

Today this gargantuan mall is made up of eight stories and is finished of with marble houses close to 2,500 shopping outlets, 150 food stalls and a cinema complex. Due to it’s sheer size the MBK mall has become a icon in Bangkok and is instantly recognizable. Since the mall is located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and entertainment district in Sukhumvit, it is usually a place that is much frequented by tourists. The mall is also popular among locals especially fashion conscious Thai school girls.

The mall has a daily visitor count of over 100,000 with about 30,000 of them being tourists. Bargaining is commonplace here, though it helps if you know some Thai, also be sure to choose the right shop. The mall is known for selling cheap electronic goods and mobile phones however it also has a variety of other goods on offer as well. The eight floors in the mall are loosely divided as follows:

1st – 3rd Floor: Clothes, Cosmetics, Shoes, Jewelries, Leather items, Accessories, Paintings, Photo studios, Hair Salons, etc. 4th Floor: Mobile phones and accessories, Communication equipments, Walkman, CD and MP3 players, Electronics. 5th Floor: International Food Court, Restaurants, Furniture. 6th Floor: Souvenir shops, Food center

7th – 8th Floor: Entertainment complex, containing 8 movie theatres, 28 bowling lanes, Karaoke options, and food and drinks.

The Tokyu department store which is a Japanese department store that sells household appliances is on the North wing of the fourth floor, this floor also has a direct link with the SkyTrain.

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