The Buyer’s Checklist For Vape Juice – What You Need to Know

So you bought the perfect cigarette for yourself but ran out of that delicious juice that came with it? Without vape juice, your Relx Pods is as good as a brick. So how to buy the best juice that stays true to your preference. In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know before making a purchase.

Flavour is the first thing you should consider before buying any type of e-liquid. Factors like nicotine strength and vapour strength come after because if you don’t like the flavour you can’t use it, can you? Good for you, these liquids come in almost any flavour thinkable. They range from fruity flavours to full-blown tobacco blends. They even come in rare food flavours. And before you ask, tuna isn’t included. But if you are coming from cigarettes, you would probably choose the flavour that closely resembles your favourite brand. We recommend trying out different tobacco flavours for that. It may not give you that kick but it is certainly very close.

If you are trying to get yourself off from smoking, this might be extremely important for you. Once you determine your flavour, the most important step is to decide what kind of nicotine strength you want. Nicotine comes commonly in three strengths: light, medium, and high. Light strength is for those smokers who smoke almost 6 cigarettes per day. Medium strength is for an average smoker that can consume one pack in a day. Strong nicotine strength is for chain smokers. Getting the right strength is important. Too much of it can give you a severe headache and too little will make you want to vape more.

PG and VG are two different base types used for the juice concentrate. PG is known to have more flavour but it produces less vapour. VG on the other hand is much stronger. It produces strong vapours and has a slightly sweet taste. You can also get juices which have both these bases if you would like a balanced vape juice. A good mix would be 50:50 for both bases. Checking the base first is also a good idea if you are allergic to a specific base. PG is known to be incompatible with some people. If that is the case, you have to get a pure VG based juice.

In the end, the best course of action is to just try some flavours and see what suits you best. It will also allow you to try out flavours from different brands. Remember that not all nicotine juices are the same. Some brands may just have better quality for the same juice that you may not like on another brand. You have to spend some time to decide which vape is the best for you. The above-mentioned checklist has mentioned some of the key considerations before buying a vape. If you have found one for you then go buy from e liquid shops near me.

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