There is a new Income Opportunity on the block of Network Marketing.  It is called Text Cash Network and the number one question on many Network Marketer’s minds is whether Text Cash Network is a scam or not?  I, am among many other Network Marketers, am asking this same question.  The buzz and excitement around this income opportunity has escalated since its “whisper release” 11/1/11 and pre-launch 11/11/11.  Text Cash Network is set to officially launch 12/12/11.  This income opportunity is based on “the text to save market 먹튀검증”, which is where individuals agree to opt-in to offer a service of receiving texts daily for coupons or discounts from advertisers and post at least one advertisement daily.  When you opt-in to receive texts or emails, you become a referral agent.  There is a compensation plan that pays the referral agent for providing this service and it also pays the referral agent in other manners which are clarified in the compensation plan found in a referral agent’s back office.  With all the buzz, 100k+ referral agents registered in under thirty days, and the aspirations and projections of Text Cash Network, the income opportunity is tremendous and mind-boggling.  With this said, we are confronted with the question of whether an opportunity like this is too good to be true?  Is Text Cash Network a scam or not?

There is at least one prominent harbinger on the internet that claims we must watch this opportunity since it may be a scam, actually the terminology is “scam alert’.  A quick search online and we will find this and other claims.  This, in and of itself, is grounds for questioning whether Text Cash Network is a scam or not.  However, any entrepreneur will ask this question anyway, it is part of their process.  Before answering this question, it is imperative to understand what a scam is.  Any quick search of the term ‘scam’ yields the result a fraudulent act or to defraud someone.  Searching up the term ‘fraud’ produces a meaning like ‘the intentional deception that causes damage or harm to another or yields personal gain’.  It seems really simple then; all we have do is demonstrate that Text Cash Network and its advocates are presenting this income opportunity in a deceptive manner which results in T.C.N. and its advocates personal gain or endangers and harms another individual. 

It appears that if Text Cash Network is a scam, at this point in the con, it is all about presenting the deception.  This is what many are struggling with since there does not appear to be any possible damage or harm that will come from a free income opportunity that requires you to provide a service to earn.  Because you provide personal information by opting in mean Text Cash Network is a scam.  (If that were the case, every program out there is a scam)  In no manner whatsoever, can we say that it is not a scam yet either.  There are still many details about the income opportunity that remain vague.  Most of the terminology about the compensation plan is very vague using terms like ‘up to’ and ‘maximum’.  Moreover, at this point in pre-launch, information is unilateral and there is no way to communicate with management.  However, Text Cash Network disseminates information each and every day that is beginning to clarify the vague terminology.  In short, you do have to suspend judgment at this point and gather more information before deciding that Text Cash Network is a scam or not.

Because you ought to suspend judgment about Text Cash Network being a scam or not, it does not follow that you should not join as referral agent.  Nothing to lose and the biggest positive is if you join through phainoCorp’s link, you have my diligent efforts to uncover the truth about Text Cash Network and its income potential for creating a residual income for yourself.               

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