Sitcom Characters Who Seek A Driver’s License

A week away from school in late March had become a rite of spring for both high school and college students. There have even been students as young as fourth graders who have trekked to Florida but, fortunately for society, it was a fictional quartet. “Bart On The Road” is the title of an episode of The Simpsons in which friends BRITISH COLUMBIA FAKE DRIVERS LICENCE, Martin and Nelson join Bart on a getaway to the Sunshine State.

The most interesting part of the plot is how Bart gets a car as well as a driver’s license. Because of “Take Your Child To Work” he spends the day with aunts Selma and Patty at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles. Bart manages to create his own fake I.D., rents a car, and convinces his pals to head South for Spring Break.

Of all the TV characters who have tried to attain a driving permit, Bart certainly had the easiest time. Here are nine other sitcom episodes where regular characters undergo the procedure to get a license. The title character (played by Sally Field) needs a license to make flower deliveries so that she can earn enough money to buy her father a new typewriter. The female head of the Taylor household became the oldest character to seek a license, terrifying the town of Mayberry in the process.

Homer Pyle’s cousin (played by George Lindsay) was a mechanic who already had a license, but he was entrusted to give driving lessons to teenagers until he backed into the Principal’s new car. The head of the eerie and kooky clan seeks a duplicate of his favorite photo, only to find out that the guy who took it now works for the BMV. Gomez (played by John Astin) takes the driver’s test only to get the photo that would be placed on the card.

The step-siblings, after an argument about which gender produced better drivers, hold a maneuverability contest. The luckless shoe salesman (played by Ed O’Neill) has to renew his elapsed license, only to discover that his son Bud would be giving him the test. The eldest of the three sisters has a learner’s permit in “Driving Miss D.J.” but no one to help her practice, for Danny and Jesse prove far too rigid to drive with. In the “Driver’s License” episode the two stepbrothers take the test the same day, but trouble ensues when only one of them passes.

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