Rosicrucianism: The Mystic Secret Society

christian mysticism youtube channel is the secret mystic society that was formed in the ancient world. It is dedicated to the study of the ancient religious, philosophical, and mystical doctrines. It is concerned with the doctrine’s application in today’s modern age. There are many traditions that are included and there are variations too. These have been adopted by the rosy cross, which is the symbol. There are many variations and different meanings that depend on the source. The cross is very symbolic too.

Fellowship started with eight bachelors as well as virgins who chose to heal the sick without requiring any payment so as to maintain the fellowship. They used to meet in a temple and before they died, a new member was recruited. There were claims of occult powers that were proclaimed, and this gave great enlightening. They could foretell any reformation of age and the return of a gracious state. They used alchemy terminologies so as to expound the mystical doctrines.

The first manifesto

The very first manifestos were influenced by highly respected philosophers in the hermetic area and the inspiration was from an occultist. The declaration and the manifestos of the existence of the alchemist’s brotherhood and the ones who wanted to transform sciences, arts, politics, and religion as well the intellectual landscapes brought about great excitement all through and religion and politics were ravaged. This stage inspired a lot of work from different people setting a base of the manifestos that are taught today.

There is also the golden and rosy cross brotherhood that was founded later. This was a society that had internal circles, alchemical treaties, and recognition signs. It is this variant that had an influence on the Anglo-Saxon masonry. It is also claimed that the Rosicrucian order leaders actually invited freemasonry and that only they know what the masonic symbols meant. This led to the establishment of Rosicrucianism in masonic lodges.

Other histories

There are many other alternate histories of the order with claims that the order stayed in AD46 after the conversion of an Alexandrian Gnostic sage and six of his followers. After the conversion, Rosicrucian is said to have been born and this was done by the purification of the Egyptian mysteries with the early Christianity teachings. This is said to be the time when the red cross was adopted.

There is also the other version of the 19th century, when a member was raised among the monks and here he met four other brothers. These brothers were later associated with the establishment of the brotherhood.

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