Rebar Cutting and Bending on the Job

Steel used to reinforce concrete is known as rebar. It is usually made from carbon steel and the ridges on its surface are there to reinforce the anchoring into the concrete as well as help balancing the load between concrete and steel. busbar bending machine, prevent the concrete from collapsing. A devastating example of incorrect usage of rebar is the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985 leaving the capital in crumbles and killing thousands of people; most of the collapsed buildings’ rebar was either entirely too frail and thin to support the building-if the building had rebar at all.

Rebar is measured in fractions of 1/8 increments; it is available in different grades and ranges from #3 up to #18. The grade designation is equal to the minimum yield strength of the bar. For example grade 40 has minimum yield strength of 40 ksi, grade 60 has a minimum of 60 ksi, and grade 75 has a minimum of 75 ksi. The most common rebar used in concrete construction is grade 60; grade 75 is used in bridges and other heavy-duty construction and grade 40 can be found in low-stress concrete constructions such as sidewalks.

Rebar comes most commonly in 20′ long sticks, thus there is a need for machines to cut and form them so they fit the purpose they will be used for. Concrete contractors do not have many choices when they have to cut or bend it, no matter the thickness of the bar:

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