Piano Teachers – How to Find a Great One

Do you or your child want to learn to play the piano? Have you found time in your daily schedule for practice nondual teachers If the answer is yes to all of those questions, the next step is to find few piano teachers to interview. Yes, interview. You want to make sure you find a teacher with whom you or your child will want to study for years and see great results. However, first we must find a few to interview.

One great way to find a piano teacher is through your local music teachers association. Being a member of such associations shows a commitment to the teaching profession and the teacher’s interest in continuing education. In addition, members must adhere to a code of ethics that ensures, among other things, personal integrity, clear communication, and a personal responsibility to the musical development of the student.

Another benefit of taking lessons from a piano teacher, who belongs to a professional association, is their ability to enter school-aged students into festivals, recitals and competitions at the local, state and national level. If your child is interested in competing, this is something to consider.

Other sources for finding piano teachers to interview are colleges or universities, music stores, word-of-mouth, churches or synagogues. Be sure to approach any of these sources with the clear communication that you are looking for piano teachers to interview. Avoid teachers who discourage interviews, seem surprised at the idea of an interview or teachers who try to set up a lesson schedule right away. A respectable teacher will invite an interview and even encourage you to interview other teachers.

Finding a great piano teacher requires more effort than setting a lesson time with the first teacher you call. Create a list of teachers from your local music teachers association; from talking with friends; or from talking with professional musicians. From these sources, you should be able to compile a list of about four to five teachers with whom you will talk to see if they are the best fit to help you or your child learn how to play the piano.

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