Organizing And Making Your Books More Accessible

I seem to gather a course in miracles book with amazing speed as do many of you no doubt. I buy books, get them as presents, and as a blogger I get sent plenty to review as well. Currently I’m sitting on close to a dozen books I’ve received to review. Books, at least the common physical kind, take up space and with too many in a disorganized environment it’s often very hard to find the one you need.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your books more organized and accessible.

First, get rid of all useless books! I just purged a bunch of old computer manuals for totally outdated software as well as equipment manuals for gear I no longer own for example. No doubt you have a few that can immediately put into recycling and clear up some space and clutter! Whether it’s 2 books or 200, this is worth doing and is quick and easy usually. Few of us have room for useless books or anything else!

Next, what books do you have that you no longer want or need? I have some fiction for example that I’m probably never going to reread. I also have some books I do not like much but others may. And I have some books I love but really do not need to keep. Should I ever decide to read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” again for example, I can simply get another copy. Re buying the odd book over the years is not a big deal. No need to have it taking up space for decades just in case I want to read it again. These books are useful, and often I’ll let friends sort through them to see if they want any of them and donate the rest to good will or my local dumps swap shop.

The rest of the books are certainly keepers and are probably are the majority if you occasionally go through your books. With the space you’ve freed by getting rid of obsolete, non useful and unwanted books it should be much easier to sort and organize these.

First I decide which books are important to have handy and put these in my office and den book cases which are highly accessible. Reference books and any others you regularly look at are in this category. The others simply go in less accessible areas, like the bookcases and shelves in other rooms

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