Low Maintenance Desert Landscaping Ideas

Life in the excursion marrakech désert can be an interesting mixture of challenge and reward. In many cases the gardening methods have to change to offer you some lower maintenance ways to get the great looks that you want out of your landscaping. Anyone who has ever been to the desert in the spring can tell you that far from being a dead place, the desert is alive with color and texture.

There are a wide array of plants which are native to the desert, such as various kinds of poppies, cacti, even larger trees. These can be used to give you all the color and variety that you want if you’re looking for great desert plantings.

Of course cacti are always an option in the desert, but what if you’re interested in something a bit more colorful and more interesting. What are your options for low maintenance desert landscaping plants?

Needless to say when living in the desert plants which accept a full sun are going to be your best bet, but you also have other options as well. Desert landscaping is all about choosing plants that will survive with the lower amounts of water that you’re going to have to work with, as well as the high level of sunlight and heat.

What all of this means is that your best bet for low maintenance in the desert is to plant native. What does planting native mean?: It means to explore your area, find out what grows best here, what kind of plants are naturally occurring in the area and to plant those as frequently as you can.

The trend toward planting native in nearly every area is on an upsurge with good reason. Plants that survive in the Pacific northwest, where rich soils and high moisture levels simply do not do well in the desert southwest. Large trees that take gallons of water can of course be planted and they will certainly grow in the wonderful climate of the desert, but they are going to require constant attendance and vast amounts of water to be poured over them to make them viable in the region.

Planting succulents that require less water and are capable of storing their own water source is a smarter move. Cacti flower well and offer brilliant hues. African Sumac trees are tall and stately, reminiscent of a weeping willow tree, they sway in the wind and offer shade, yet require very little water and upkeep. They are a great selection if you’d like shade trees in your desert garden or yard.

Likewise Arizona yellowbells are shrub-like plants that can be pruned to remain about 3-5 feet tall and bushy, filled with amazing brilliant yellow bell-like flowers, but they can also be permitted to grow to nearly tree-tall states.

These are just a few of the many native plants that you can find that will grow well in the desert and require very little upkeep or water to sustain them. They are drought hardy and will be ornamental in your desert garden without requiring vast work on your part. Hands off gardening has its advantages.

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