Is The Physical Book Going Away

I have noticed a very high increase over the last several years of electronic reading devices or e-Book Readers such as the Kindle Fire, online retiro um curso em milagres Nook, etc. to allow book readers to access and download entire books from the web.

Is this the ending of the physical book being read the old fashion way using no devices whether written in paperback or hardback? I guess I’m kind of old school because I like the physical book. There seems like a book is not a real book unless it can be touched and held in your hand in my opinion. Believe it or not there are still people out there that want to read the physical book even though the new e-book readers provide many new features for the readers.

You could say I’m also a little parcel to the actual physical book, because of my current business as a software developer of book collection software and other management software. I’m not saying this to promote my software business but just making a comment since I have help book reader and book collectors with my software.

I don’t want to sound like I’m not embracing the technological advances in accessing and reading books. I know there is always going to be technical improvements to assists us in our daily lives. The old schools way of reading books and the new methods using the e-book readers can maybe exist together, but that is going to depend on whether the reading public is going to favor one method over the other.

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