Impact of COVID-19 in the bakery industry

COVID-19 is ucdm affecting the bakery industry in a significant way. Since COVID-19 has affected every facet of life, the bakery industry was also expected to be impacted. Many exotic items which were being sold earlier but were reportedly unhealthy for consumption are being shunned by customers by and large. The good news is that new bakery products such as multigrain, healthy products, and nuts are being consumed in massive quantities.

People are purchasing more bakery products in larger numbers, due to a huge variety since it has been observed that people suffering from lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are extremely prone to infection.Due to the massive rise of lifestyle diseases, the Indian consumer is putting up their health on the top list of priority. As per medical studies, around 75 percent of Indians have put healthy consumption as a top priority than earlier

. The good news is that this healthy pattern of eating will continue after COVID also. The economics of the bakery industry has presented a mixed picture. In some items such as croissants, profits have nosedived, but in other sectors like healthy food such as grain biscuits, profits have soared. Now let us scrutinize the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has greatly enhanced the safety standards in the industry and also the bakery place. Hygiene control and the proper maintenance of the machines are extremely crucial in producing bakery products. The ideal issue is to protect people’s health by using a hygienic and clean environment. The entire equipment which is used in the bakery is first audited and sanitized regularly and any signs of decline must be immediately notified.

It is observed that lots of hazards in the production process are avoided by implementing pest control, cleaning, and waste programs. In the whole bakery, the entire people involved in the chain starting from the employees to the top managers should follow the precautions for keeping a healthy environment.So many bakeries have commenced the production of multigrain bread due to very high consumer preferences.

One of the mightiest repurcussions of COVID is that of consumption of multigrain bread. due to COVID is that of consumption of multigrain bread. Consumers will use more and more specialized, multigrain, wholegrain, and ethnic and seeded bread. All this occurs due to consumer’s desire for fresh and healthier products, which are more nutritious and also have complicated profiles. Firms will always manufacture healthy and durable products. When you use less ragi and millet this will lead to the precedence of using regular flour over the baked flour segment.

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