Health Care Reform Act Affects Big Business, Employes

The passing of the how to tighten your vag fast Reform Act, employers will be dealing with America’s health brokers in a different way. Many of the provisions for larger business employers (over 100 employees) will remain very similar to the status quo, but there will be a few changes that may be beneficial to the employee.

Beginning with Y2, if an employee declines such offer but otherwise obtains coverage in an Exchange-participating health benefits plan (other than by reason of being covered by family coverage as a spouse or dependent of the primary insured), the employer shall make a timely contribution to the Health Insurance Exchange with respect to each such employee in accordance with section 313.

What this means is that the employee can opt to enroll in the business health insurance plan, or the employee can opt to seek a more affordable health insurance plan by seeking out a prospective deal through America’s health care brokers via the exchange. The details of the exchange have not been thoroughly set, as of now, but the direction of it is leaning towards a state to state variance where many of America’s health brokers compete to offer health plans at an affordable price.

It may be in the employee’s best interests to enroll in an employee medical insurance plan, because group health insurance will always be more affordable than individual health insurance. Another alternative would be to collaborate with a group of individuals to create an affordable group health insurance plan through the exchange.

A key point of interest for employees who work for a large company (over 100 employees), and are seeking health insurance coverage, is that their health insurance premium will automatically be covered by “not less than 72.5% of the applicable premium” {SEC. 312(1)(A)}. For spouses and children, “Not less than 65% of such applicable premium of such lowest cost plan” {SEC. 312(1)(B)}. As far as family health insurance plans go, it may be difficult to find a medical benefit plan that through the exchange that can compete.

By the year 2014, it will be required by law for every U.S. citizen to have personal health insurance coverage. Those who do not conform will be penalized for it. In order to reduce the problem with big businesses, there is a section that requires auto enrollment by employers. With the progression of smaller businesses merging with larger corporations, there is security in knowing that health insurance benefits are ideal for larger corporations. No longer will pre-existing conditions be a cause for non-enrollment or discontinuation of an existing plan.

America’s health brokers will have a much larger consumer base when the new law takes effect, which means that not only do the consumers win, but they do as well. In an era of sweeping change in the health care industry, group health plans will be beneficial to all who are involved. They will be beneficial to either a personal health plan as well as a family health plan. America’s health brokers will have a number of new avenues, but the greatest prospect will still be with larger businesses.

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