Harry Potter’s Books and Christianity

Many the christ have been criticizing the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling. This is mainly because of the use of magic in these books. The Christians are often complaining that the Harry Potter books are totally incompatible with Christianity but rather have the implicit Christian messages. They usually compare the Potter books with the Namia series written by C.C. Lewis all works filled with the Christian themes to a certain degree.

The Namia series by C.S. Lewis is an apparent Christian allegory. Allegory simply refers to a fictional story where the events or characters are used to represent other events or figures. The suggestive resemblance usually connects the two groups and thus an allegory is normally defined as an extended metaphor. For instance, with the Namia series, the lion Aslan sacrifices himself to be killed instead of a boy who was sentenced to death due to the crimes he had committed. The lion Aslan rises again the next day to serve as a leader of the forces of good in conquering the evil.

The main question here is whether these popular books by J.K. Rowling falls in the category of Christian allegory. Many people are usually wondering whether J.K. Rowling normally write the Harry Potter’s stories in such a way that the vents as well as characters suggest certain events and characters centered at the Christian mythology. Although majority of moderate and liberal Christians view the Harry Potter books to be very compatible with Christianity, some of them and most of the conservative Christians strongly reject the notion that these books are centered at Christian mythology.

A number of Christians think that the Harry Potter books are very compatible with Christianity and they argue that, the books normally metaphorically describe a Christian beliefs, Christian message, as well as Christian worldview. They further suggest that these books normally communicate Christianity indirectly and therefore play an important role when it comes to helping today’s Christians enhance their beliefs. Besides, through these books, they say, non-Christians are converted to Christianity by laying a strong foundation for welcoming the Christian doctrines.

Majority of people who are in the Christian Right view the Harry Potter books as well as their consequent cultural phenomenon as a crucial issue in their basic “cultural war” against liberalism as well as modernity. What these books are viewed to be doing is more important than what they really promote which usually include immorality, magic, and Wicca. Therefore, the debates that can bring doubts on common views of these books bring significant impacts on the wider arguments.

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