Emotion Of Love – Purest Motive Force

A person might not feel love anymore. But love is still there. It is just buried under other emotions of 키스방,Emotion Of Love – Purest Motive Force Articles hurt and fear. Layers of other emotions can override the feeling of love but once these emotions are engaged and liberated instead of being avoided and resisted, the love is able to be felt once again. A person who is Authentic can always cut through all the other emotions and get right to love itself and know that it is always there and feel it.

To love is to accept. To accept oneself is to love oneself. You can’t accept if you judge. You have to accept without judging. Accept the good and the bad with equal love.

Love is the purest emotion and it is unconditional and detached. Love freely, freely be loved. Love is expressed in giving. The kind of giving is the kind of love expressed, whether it be selfish or selfless, scarce or bountiful, wise or foolish.

Love is acceptance, therefore love is trust. To trust is to accept as true. When something you accept as true turns out to be false, you can be hurt. That is why when you love, you can be hurt if what you accept as true turns out to be otherwise. The truer the love, the more what you accept as true is the essence rather than the form. The deeper your love is for a person, the more you are actually in love with the person’s core.

Love is happiness. To love is to be happy with. When you go for what makes you happy, you are following what you love.

To love unconditionally is to love without expectations. Expectations create fear because when we have expectations, we fear that we do not get what we expect. In fear we expect, in love we accept. There is no fear in perfect love. The love that has no expectations casts out fear because it accepts everything that happens completely.

There are four factors that defines love. They are the type, level, intensity and depth of love.

There are different types of love. You can love someone as a friend, you can love someone as a cousin/sister/brother. You can love someone with the love of the lord. You can love someone as a superstar you adore. You can love someone as the love of your life.

There are different levels of love. How much agape is present in that love? Agape varies in different amounts. To what extent do you have the person’s best interest at heart. To what extent do you naturally consider their needs without first being conscious of yours? How much care do you have for them?There are different intensities of love. The amount of passion, the amount of fire and the amount of energy that you have in your love for that person determines the intensity of that love. How much force is there, how much power and how much focus? Is it like a flood of warm sunlight shining on that person or is it like a laser beam completely targeted and burning ferociously with such intensity and fire?There are different depths of love. How deep does that love go? Is it so deeply rooted in layers within layers that it’s almost next to impossible to remove? Can it come one moment and go the next, or will it remain forever even to the very ends of time and space?Love is the purest motive force. Love is the most authentic reason for action. There is nothing else that matters. Love is the force that will not only pull you to that which you love but will also pull that which you love to you. So it is never in vain to love that which you love for love will always have an effect in bringing the thing or person you love closer to you.

Do not attempt to create too many entanglements in a relationship in order to make the two of you inseparable. The only force that keeps the two of you together should be purely love. There is no relationship more secure than one in which either party can choose to leave at anytime and live separately without much trouble, but both choose to be together because of love. This is the kind of relationship where unconditional love which is love without strings attached, can be experienced fully.

The less attachments there are binding a relationship, the more authentic it is. The only bond that should increase is the bond of love. Only the greatest, deepest and truest love creates a bond that is eternally inseparable. The best entanglement in a relationship is divine entanglement. When the only force that bring two people together after they have separated is God, through events of synchronicities, that shows that they are God’s choice for each other. It’s the most beautiful thing to realize.

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