Does Making Money Online Make You Happy?

I thought, I would explore this idea and see what I could come up with, in my own life. This is not an article on how to make اسعار ماكينات عد النقود بمصر, but one, about what we do, with the money, once we make it.

“When people make money honestly, meaning they create and deliver a product or service of real value to offer others, it is the process itself that brings happiness more than the money.” – Steven Scott

What value does money really have? If, you are Bill Gates, how do you think, he looks at money? In direct contrast, if you were a starving child in Africa, how would you look at money? Would the child even know what money is, and of its power?

I guess, what I’m trying to show, is that each of us has our own idea, as to whether money makes us happy or not. As a starving child, every penny that you have, can mean the difference between life and death. Where, for Mr. Bill Gates, of Microsoft, money is not a problem, other than at tax time. lol For those of you, who do not know, Bill Gates is a philanthropist; who generously gives of his money, to better the lives of such children, etc.

In my life, I have had ups and downs, when it comes to how much money, I have had in my wallet. I’m sure that, that has been the same for most people. You have good years and bad years. I personally, have looked at money as being necessary, yet not the best part of life. What I have found out about myself, is that my beautiful wife, friends, family, and my pets, mean more to me than any amount of money, that I could ever hold in my hands. (My wife just read this last paragraph, and says that I just earned a whole lot of brownie points. lol)

Does money make people crazy? In history, all we have to do, is look at the gold rush to get an answer to that question. People, left everything behind and raced to the gold fields, to try to make it rich. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, has been in folk-lore for decades. I remember as a young boy, trying to find the end of a rainbow and riding by bicycle, over the fields, in a mad race to get to the pot of gold. Even now, just thinking back to that youthful abandon, it makes me smile. And, no, I could never catch the end of the rainbow. lol Although, when it comes to the make money online game, I am seeing the rainbow getting closer and closer.

Should money make us crazy? For some people, the simple answer is yes, and for others it is no. As confusing, as that sounds, it is really quite simple to explain. I don’t know if you have ever heard the saying “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”, if not, it means born to money. Do you ever think that children, of the rich, will ever have to worry about money. Then you look at the other side of the coin and the starving child in Africa. Money and food to that child means the same thing. Food is money and money is food! And, just think about that statement for a while, that starving child only thinks of the pain of starvation. It’s only, when the child has enough food, that money starts taking on a new meaning for them, and they start to pursue money for the sake of money. And, now with the Internet, that child can have a chance to make money online, just like anyone else.

At Christmas time, the saying that I remember most as a child, was “It’s better to give then to receive”. So, what does that mean to me as an adult? I have dogs and I love them, as if they were part of my family (which they are). So, I make sure that I give money to a local rescue group, that helps abandoned/abused pets. I help my friends, when they need help and I help my family. Now, this is not handing over wads of cash, but helping people move or by pulling a buddy out of a field, when he gets his truck stuck. It’s going to pick up a friend, from a party at 3 am., because they’re too drunk to drive.

These, are some of the things, that having money, makes it possible for me to do. So, for me, it is not about the money, as much as, it is about the journey. Some day, I will write about my rags to riches story and the hardships that came with it, but I think that will wait until the memoirs. lol

For now, look at what you do, with your money and how it makes you feel. Stop chasing it down, long enough to notice life unfolding around you. Remember, you can’t take it with you! Does money make you happy, or is it the love, of those that are around you, that makes you happy. To make money online is relatively easy, to make money online ethically is harder, and to make money online and help others by sharing, is fulfilling.

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