Architectural Domes – Traditional and Modern Applications

What do churches, government buildings, luxurious resorts, and magnificent casinos all have in common? These types of buildings are often formidable Palm Springs architects achievements, featuring stunning interiors and dazzling facades. Many also feature GFRP domes and architectural domes crafted from more traditional materials. Interior domes and exterior domes are elements that have a wide array of applications. Just a few of the traditional and more modern uses of architectural domes are outlined below.

Many of history’s most notable architectural domes are found in churches. Orthodox churches feature colorful bulbous-shaped exterior domes, while the interior domes found in Christian churches are often embellished with sacred art. The availability of lightweight GFRP domes and GFRC domes has made constructing and installing these elements in churches faster and easier than in the past.

Unlike other types of exterior domes, these usually feature a half-sphere shape. Their design allows these exterior domes to reflect sound towards the audience, which improves the listening experience for spectators.

Anyone who gazes into the night sky on a clear evening will quickly realize that it is not flat, but rather looks a lot like a dome. Most planetariums are designed to resemble architectural domes to ensure visitors have a realistic experience.

Some greenhouses are actually specialized domes known as geodesic domes, which consist of a series of interconnected triangles. When used as greenhouses, they offer a number of advantages. Growing space is maximized since no interior structural supports are needed, windows allow for natural warming, and heat can be stored effectively because of the large interior space.

These exterior domes are massive structures designed to cover entire stadiums. The main advantage of these exterior domes is that they allow spectators to enjoy sporting events in all types of weather.

GFRC domes and other types of architectural domes adorn some of the world’s finest retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, and restaurants. Exterior domes can be used to crown roofs and bell towers, and also to provide guests with a place to enjoy a view from up high. Interior domes may be highly ornamented, and some are constructed of breathtaking stained or translucent glass. GFRP domes may be finished to resemble gold, copper, and bronze, lending an air of elegance to lobbies and other indoor areas.

Thanks in large part to the spectacular dome found on the U.S. Capitol, architectural domes are often an important architectural feature of government buildings.

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