5 Advantages of a Custom Coating

Many businesses in a variety of industries can benefit from having a custom coating applied to their equipment. Of course there are many standard polyurea that might work just fine, but often standard coatings do not have the precise specifications that are needed for the job. Why settle for “just fine” when you can have “perfect?” Here are five reasons every company should consider custom coatings for their equipment:

1. You receive the precise combination of characteristics you are looking for rather than just some of them. Every material has its own characteristics, which is important when you are considering which coating to apply. However, standard coatings are precisely that-standard. They may have some beneficial properties, but other properties might not be too great for what you need. The only way to get the perfect set of characteristics for your application is to have a qualified company engineer a coating for you.

2. Safety is a high priority. Of course having the right properties in the coating you use is important because it keeps the working environment safe. For example, photoluminescent properties may be needed in applications that require working in a dark space. Non-slip properties might be required if there is a lot of liquid that could make the floor slippery. No matter what safety measures you need, a custom coating can be engineered to meet your specifications precisely.

3. You have total control over what goes into making your coating. Many standard coatings contain additives, which can cause major issues inside certain tanks or machines. If you don’t know exactly what is in the coatings you apply, then it’s much better to have them custom engineered so that you can avoid problems with and shutdowns of your machinery.

4. The operating temperatures of your machinery make a huge difference. Custom coatings are also the best way to get around extremely high or low operating temperatures inside your equipment. With a custom coating, you can rest assured that it is engineered exactly to withstand the temperatures you need it to withstand.

5. Bacterial control is better with custom coatings. In many cases, bacteria may be a big problem with the equipment you are trying to protect. Custom coatings can be engineered to provide better bacterial protection than standard coatings. The coating manufacturers will not only look at the type of machine you have, but also the type of material that touches all of its surfaces regularly and the kinds of bacteria that will likely be a problem. Without a custom coating, you can’t trust that the machine will be protected from specific types of bacteria.

When you’re looking for a company to engineer and apply a custom coating, it’s important that you look for one that is qualified to do so. Spend some time looking into the company’s reputation and the quality of the coatings it supplies. Also find out about the amount of experience they have in the industry and ask about the technical aspects of what you will need in a coating.

Toefco is a leading supplier and applicator of custom coatings. They also offer powder coating services. They use only state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every coating is of the highest quality. They offer a wide range of different types of coatings, which are all applied using automated equipment, which provides a high rate of consistency and a low rate of errors. Suddenly superior coatings are affordable for every business that needs them. Call Toefco today for help with all of your custom coating needs.

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